Red Ryder® Award

In 1997, at the 48th annual Red Ryder® Roundup Rodeo, the

Western Heritage Event Center Board began selecting an individual who has made a positive commitment to the western culture of this community and who has been a strong supporter of the

Red Ryder® Roundup Rodeo.

Annual Winners

2018 Red Ryder® Award
Tim McRee

           Tim moved to Pagosa Springs in 2000, with his wife Tracie and children Katelyn and David, to manage the Galles Ranch and the horse cutting events there. Tim has been a longtime supporter of the Red Ryder Roundup® Rodeo as a contestant and member of the Western Heritage Event Center (WHEC) Board of Directors.

            He has spent an enormous amount of time on the rodeo grounds supporting rodeos, 4-H events, the Archuleta County Fair, high school rodeos and National Little Britches Rodeo events. His children raised livestock in 4-H and participated in rodeo events and Tim and Tracie were always volunteers you could count on.

            While serving on the WHEC Board of Directors from 2006 - 2016, with terms as Vice President and President, he focused on the condition of the footing in the arena and taught the Board how to properly maintain the grounds to ensure the safety of the competitor and the livestock. He worked tirelessly to ensure the arena was properly balanced with dirt materials, that the sprinkler was working, repairing the tractor and spending countless hours on the tractor grooming the arena floor. Riding on horseback and carrying the American flag, Tim was the familiar mounted horseman during the Grand Entry.

           Being raised around horses, roping and rodeo near Albuquerque, Tim is a real cowboy. He has amazing skills with a horse and a lasso. Annually, the rodeo committee would ask him to be the specialty act at the rodeo because his aptitude with a lasso definitely puts him in a trick-roper classification! The consummate team roper, he is a partner you can count on. He has numerous belt buckles and other prizes for his championship performances at various rodeos in the region. Tim has also been a team roping champion at the Red Ryder Roundup® Rodeo.

            Tim is well known in the San Juan River Village neighborhood because he is the Maintenance Director of the Metro District primarily in charge of roads, sewer and water functions. Tim is a real-life “MacGyver” >> quiet, mild mannered, deeply principled and relies on his vast welding and automotive knowledge and unconventional problem-solving skills to repair, restore, build, overhaul or maintain ANYTHING! This definitely came in handy around the rodeo arena!

            Prior to coming to Pagosa, Tim spent years with the Galles Racing Team on the INDY Car Racing circuit as a member of the Pit Crew.

            The Board looks back on Tim’s years of service with great admiration for the hours he spent on the tractor grooming the grounds and the many other contributions he made toward the improvements in the facility and the Red Ryder Rodeo event. And, he’s just one of the nicest people you’d ever want to know.

           The 69th annual Red Ryder Roundup® Rodeo committee and the Board of the Western Heritage Event Center would like to honor our very good friend Tim McRee for his great love for rodeos, his outstanding contribution to the western culture of this community and for his service.